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Welcome to The African Television Network of New England (ATNNE)

At the African Television Network of New England (ATNNE) we believe that information is important for a community of disparate groups with vibrant cultural identities to thrive. With this mission statement in mind, ATNNE’s goal is to increase the visibility and promotion of understanding of the African community of Greater Boston by providing a weekly television program called "The African Television Network of New England."

Since its inception in 2002, the show has expanded from one local access television station to four, and has served as a forum for social change and political involvement within the African community. Each hour-long program addresses a cultural, political and practical issue relevant to those linked by birth, family, or affinity to the continent of Africa. Among the broad range of topics are immigration, youth violence prevention, physical and mental health, advice on starting a small business, and other relavent issues impacting the African community.

Programs for youth with representatives from various organizations around the greater Boston area is an important and growing part of our schedule as a variety of cultural programs featuring African music and dance. Guests have included the Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States as well as area doctors, professors, attorneys church leaders, community activist, and other professionals.

Currently ATNNE provides an in-depth source of news and information for the area's growing African community and the only showcase of African culture, social and political issues consistently available to the larger community.