2010 Ethiopian Election On African Television Network

PATT On African Television Network of New England

Africans In Boston With Mahdi Omar

Minister Of Urban Development and Construction Mr.Mekuria Haile

Hedasse Dam

Enviromentalist Almaz Mequanint and Voury Ignegongba

Russ Gershon:

Boston Taxi Drivers Association With African Television Network

Massachuseets Immigrant and refegess Advocacy

Boston Sport club with African Television Network of New England.....................................................

Suicide in Ethiopian Community

Renaissence Dam

Haimanot Lakew

Charles Sutton

Dr.Tsegaye Degineh

EPRP /Ato.Mersha Yosef

Camerron One

Aids In African Community

Michelle Wu : Boston City Councilor At-Large On ATNNE

Somali Development Center

Biafra Today/IPOB

Deeqo Jibril With African Television Network of New England

Michelle Wu, a candidate for Boston city Council At- large with Mahdi Omar

Boston Mayoral Candidate:John connolly on African Television Network

Irene Epie

The African Council

TAC from Mahdi Omar on Vimeo.

Ethiopians In Saudi Arabia.

African Television Network With Dr.John

Hailekiros G/Egziabher talking about UTNA with Mahdi Omar

Conversation With the members of the Ethiopian Economic Conference ...

Fitness and African Television Network

Fikremarkos Desta With Mahdi Omar

Voury and Fetiya on AIB

Boston Community For victims ...

Youth Action Africa

Getachew Alemu With Atnne

Betelehem Melaku With Mahdi Omar

Hirut Gedlu/Aids Activist

Georgina Wanja

Offiiong Bassey With Mahdi Omar

Naigerian American community

Haimanot Lakew with African Television Network3

Somali Community In Boston with African Television Network

Ethiopian In Lybya

Dr.Brook Chernet and Nahum Solomon with ATNNE

Theresa-India Young with Mahdi Omar

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